Saturday, 1 June 2013


I creep out to meditate in the summer house because Grace, aged 3 is staying and we usually meet early for Cheerios.  There I sit, eyes shut and just starting and a small voice outside calls my name.  Clearly I am not in deep meditation! because I know I have to respond, after all, its quite cold outside.  So, in she comes and asks me what I am doing.  Meditating I say, and she then asks me what that is.  I say, well, I just sit very still and close my eyes and say my magic word.  Oh, she says and then asks if she can join me.  We sit for a short time, both with our eyes shut, and I hear from my side of the summerhouse a small voice saying abracadabra!!  I find it hard to finish meditating after that so we go in for Cheerios and the day gets started.

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