Monday, 3 June 2013

a longer line

There is a story of a mathematician who answered the question of how to make a line drawn on a board shorter, took the chalk and simply drew a longer line, making the original one look shorter.  Meditation is the longer line.  This morning, meditation allowed a large large inner space to become real, rather like the sky but with a feeling of great benevolence.  Of course, a few old thoughts and some new flitted across the space, but weren't captivating.  It may be a frivolous analogy but it is rather like being in a room with a lot of people who are all interesting, attractive and talking, but you are with your best friend, comfortably at home with them or consequently not attracted to the melĂ©e.  It is friendly and without any walls.  It is a larger space, a longer line, but extraordinarily familiar.

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  1. The Longer Line... reading this just makes me want to sit down and meditate now!