Wednesday, 19 August 2015

washing out the grey with Dadi Janki

white sock with grey bottom.

In my clothes drawer, there are a few once white, now grey items which have encountered the stray sock or blue item.  I am not drawn to them.  I prefer the white ones, they look fresh and inviting.  Out goes my hand and I pick the white item and what do I do with the grey?  Well, they either sit in the drawer or they come out and get discarded or they go into bleach in the faint hope that they will recover.  

Imagine the washing in the Brahma Kumaris washing machine!  
Every item is white, as far as I can see, even the socks are white.  
They wear white as a sign of purity and my goodness they really work at that purity, it is their goal and just like the white items in my drawer, you are easily drawn to them, the white is inviting and what's more it reflects white towards you, the wearer of colour.
Dadi Janki, a woman worth knowing
I went to a meeting with them yesterday, the oldest and wisest telling us about purity of heart, mind and body through simplicity of life and dedication to the One or to the supreme or to God.  Dadi Janki, approaching her 100th birthday is the oldest and they all love her dearly and she loves them too.  Now there is something very special about the love and I hope I am doing justice to it by telling you about it.  It is a sort of white or transparent love, it doesn't ask for anything in return.  It doesn't ask you to return with interest and it doesn't ask you to love the person who is telling you about it, it simply asks you to recognise that love as your own self, that love is really who you are.
To have the goal of white garments or pure thoughts is an easy goal to visualise isn't it?  Out with the grey and in with the white but the work is making certain that the odd sock doesn't slip into the wash or the odd black thought cross the mind.
Thank you Dadi Janki for pointing out the reality!

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