Friday, 28 August 2015

Letter to Sebastian, Space is the thing you miss

What's in your heart and in everyone else's is Space
Dear Sebastian, 
You asked me a few days before you went home to Dubai if I believed in God. This was shortly before you asked me about believing in Santa Claus! I have a real discipline of trying to tell the truth so with Santa Claus this is what I said. Santa Claus exists as long as you believe in him!! We agreed that your belief in Santa was getting a bit shaky so bad luck Santa! 
But God, now there is the big question because you see I do believe in God but I think God is a really diminutive little name for something which is so huge. I think whoever said God first just couldn't think of anything shorter don't you? 
So I am going to ask you to think about space in order to help God out of the small hole we have him/her/it in and to think how little we ever consider space. God is like space or space is like God, whichever way round you think best. We think space is outside our world, part of the sky or outside our house or else space is like a parking space, empty if there isn't a car. We don't realise that nothing could exist separately if there wasn't space. We would all be stuck together like toffee without shape of any kind, we wouldn't be anything particular at all. And these words I am sending you wouldn't be readable if there wasn't space between them and cars would crash and pedestrians couldn't keep apart if space wasn't there. We think we should have OUR SPACE, but what does that mean? something where nothing else is apart from us? We claim our house, our family, our children, our school, our Church or Temple or Mosque, Chapel, Pub, Hotel, our borders, our country. We think we begin in one place and that the next person begins elsewhere. But, think about it, think how important the space is for our well-being and ask who it really belongs to. That space is the most important thing there is and it is in your heart and in mine. 
So, God or whoever it is, was once just One thing and made himself huge huge huge and made himself into all the different things within himself, into earth, air, water, fire and space which in turn makes all the solid and not so solid things. So wherever we are, he is too and we mostly just don't notice. 
Sebastian you have a space in your heart as do all the people in the whole world and in that little space is the whole universe so take care of it and of everyone in it. Love from Granny

Are you here or there?

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