Sunday, 10 September 2017

Protect yourself with that knowledge

My favourite sign but not true by the way!
If we thought that the one reality was our little life, we would be up one moment and down another.  Up with what seems to us to be good, and down when things go wrong.  Even if full blown realisation of the fullness of the Self isn't going to take place this time, we can protect ourselves and others with the knowledge which the wise have brought us over and over again and protect ourselves with better actions rather than worse.  I have read that man stands at a crossroads in this game of lives.  He or she is somewhere between his divine nature and his animal nature but he or she in this case have the opportunity not given in any other life of participating in his own self creation, his own transformation if you like.  He/she can practice good deeds to correct any tendencies to evil.  He/she isn't bound to a mechanical set up and at the very best, can find a teacher who will help complete a release from repeating life times.  It is possible just has to have courage and look out with curiosity and delight and possibly even a measure of cynicism about whatever life might offer,  could find a measure of life which will  give access to detachment from believing the stories he or she is telling him or herself about him or herself and others.  He and she will know that all the parts they are playing or have played are limited but that he or she or whoever is unlimited and free, wasn't born, won't die, doesn't age and doesn't grieve over large or small upset.  Whats not to like about that?

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