Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Birthday presence

next birthday boy

Four birthdays in one week in our family!  And only one of the birthday people near at hand for us to sing to and make a cake for.  Never mind, YOU all four are present with us whether near or far.  Especially the one who wakes up on the first day of being 16!  Now that really is a good age to be.  We, all your relatives welcome YOU particularly to your next chapter and wish you well.  There are so many excellent relatives standing alongside you even if you can't see them.  There are uncles and aunts, grandpas and grandmothers, cousins of all sizes and especially the one new one who has just woken up to the possibilities life can offer when you are 8 months old!  She is looking forward to getting moving, in fact all she wants to do is to move.  That movement is all poised to go inside her, she is primed for movement out beyond the confines which being a new baby puts round her, she can roll and reach and push with her legs, she doesn't just want to be held tight, she wants to look around. No longer content with a bottle of milk, she pushes it away and just wants to to stand up and be amongst the rest of the people.  You, newly 16 are at your own crossroads and ready to start pushing off from your base.  We wish you luck, all of us and we, and all the relatives across the world are ready to watch you fly. I think we are all in here.

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