Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Once in a while, meditation really delivers!

look out and see the same beauty

40 plus years of meditation, mostly twice a day or do I lie, perhaps it is easier nowadays when we are retired but twice a day for half an hour by intention undertaken for 40 plus years, that's what has taken place which means that in minutes I have meditated for about 40x2x365x30mins . My phone calculator says that is 1,876,000 minutes.  Actually, strike off quite a lot for shortened meditations when the family were younger, and quite a few minutes for just not quite making it to the 30 minutes.  Then, all of a sudden for no deserved reason, meditation takes on a new beauty and I can say for sure that it is undeserved because it is so surprising and unimaginably marvellous to find that the end of meditation is peace, the end of meditation is HUGE, not a tiny little speck of stillness but a complete and total eternity and there am I, not as just a small individual but as as the same consciousness as the huge universal space I am in.  What is granted in that vision is a certainty that there is consciousness and I am that and I am limitless.  Of course, that is a glimpse in a million meditations but it is enough to make sure I keep the practice going even if I don't arrive at that place again because I know it is there and I know that it is there for anyone, anyone who needs it enough to give it a try.  There is a result too, and this is it; when you come out of that reality, everything which is beautiful is beautiful because of it and your breath is quite taken away.  You also know that beauty is the reality and anything which isn't beautiful is just beauty covered and that every ugly thing, every ugly action, every disaster will be reabsorbed into that space and all will eventually be well for all.
Go on, believe it if you meditate because it is your very own reality and it is worth keeping going.

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