Saturday, 17 December 2016

Christmas thoughts and prodigal pie

Christmas tree up with new Led lights
The tree is up and the good old decorations are on it.  Lots of old friends hanging up again but with one change!  Led light candles which you can turn on with a remote switch twinkle until I press the off button on my way to bed. No more wires taped down with sellotape to stop Grandpa tripping as he climbs up the stairs.  This is not the only change but it is perhaps one of the better ones.  The other changes are most apparent as we write our merry Christmas cards and going through the address book see how many mates are dropping off the perch.  It used to be change of addresses added in as they downsized once the children had left home but now the downsize is disappearance.  But in their place, their children who we knew as tiny babies, nappied newborns, tentative toddlers and tiresome teenagers have stepped into their/our places and now take responsibility for banks and airlines and properties and security, for the nation’s health and education;  they are the mums and dads of today and good on them say I.  That feels right and a proper evolution like led lights, it makes sense. 
We are still here!  We have a mixture of Christmas past and present and in the imminent arrival of a new baby in the family, we have the future.  We have the tree and the lights and we will keep in contact with the family who are abroad.   We will have the same Christmas holiday menus, the fridge is already overstuffed, we will break open the best of drinks and toast the Queen and have lunch when she has given her 90th year Christmas message. Grandpa will fall asleep in front of the telly, some of us will struggle with a 750 piece puzzle and just in case the prodigal boy comes home there is a fish pie in the freezer and a new bottle of tomato ketchup.

The oldest Christmas angel made by Joan Evans 40 years ago

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