Sunday, 18 December 2016

Do you know where you will go when you die Granny?

A smart 7 year old girl asked her Granny where she would go when she died.  Heaven said my friend, the Granny being questioned, thinking that would do the trick but it didn't.  How do you get there asked the child?  Well, said the Granny, I am not sure.  "Oh never mind" said the child, "I'll google it for you!"
Of course google maps are marvellous but when I google Heaven there isn't all that much to help.
Well first of all, what comes up in response to the question is Heaven in Camden Town.  Ah ha, I look closer and find that heaven is masquerading as a Dry Cleaner. In Newmarket, Heaven is a Pizza parlour!  In Villiers Street in London, it is a nightclub!   Put in heaven USA and there are numerous different mentions but none of them look as if they are expecting the souls of the departed!
Minecraft's vision of heaven but no map. 
So, here I am imagining myself as 8 year old girl with my whole self bent on discovering the way to heaven via Google.  I google how to get to heaven and up come lots more answers, everyone seems to have an answer, Christians, Muslims, and would you believe it, Minecraft.  Go to google, the all knowing and put in Heaven and Minecraft and then try the images.  Here is the image but there aren't any instructions for how to get there.  No one is really positive about how to get there, clearly they are all just guessing,  The Minecraft  heaven doesn't really look like a place for Grannies does it?

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