Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Wherever you are, you can join this meditation and perhaps make a difference

I sometimes wonder how it happened that Just this Day slipped unnoticed into my mind and came to exist and take over the kitchen table for a couple of months before it happens.  But that was what did happen, one moment I was reading about meditation helping people at a much more profound level than anything we could do in the physical realm and the next moment I was walking past St Martin-in-the-Fields when I heard myself say...This is where we should do it.  One thing led to another and meetings with surprising people took place.  I expected at every moment that someone would say it was a mad idea but they didn't!  What they said was oh yes, come in and you can do it and we will help.  So, 9 years on and we have a great programme to bring people from different groupings together to meditate, to hear about meditation as a way of transcending our differences and to maybe make a small or large difference somewhere in the transcendent space.  I like to imagine all that good will going upwards rather like inverting a drop of red colour in clear water but it going upwards and spreading out and maybe just stopping one person from hitting another, help another person move towards a kind way of treating someone they wouldn't normally treat well and maybe maybe maybe open a tyrant's heart even just a crack to allow something better to happen.  I have heard it on good authority that meditating creates an auspicious energy which people in need can tap into and I believe that to be true.

The speakers this year personify good will.  Father Laurence Freeman, Neville Hodgkinson and Lama Gelongma Zangmo.  Each one has given much of their life to help others.  Each one has a core practice of  meditation and each one of them help others to meditate.   And even if it isn't possible for a person to learn to meditate, somehow the meditation and goodwill of these truly disciplined practitioners can change lives.  If you know any one of them, you know what I mean but if not, here is a chance to meet three remarkable people and hear them talk about the transcendental possibilities which meditation offers.  Come and join us wherever you are, go to the www.justthisday website on November 23rd and click on the sparkly globe you see above and you will be with us even if you live in the furthest part of the world

So, every year since the start, on we go and The Just this Day Newsletter was sent out today!!! Yippee for Mad Mimi which is the engine which does the sending and yippee for me that we are only one newsletter away from Just this Day itself.    Click here to read the newsletter.  Then register for the day at St Martin or get in contact and let me know what you are doing via the www.justthisday.org website and if you want it advertised on the website.  

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