Sunday, 2 October 2016

Together in one space

The globe on the home page
 Dear All you readers of the blog,

Father Laurence Freeman
We are moving towards November 23rd and the central event of Just this Day in London.  I am hoping that you will join in wherever you are.  I hope that putting aside your own identity and joining many others in the single still space of meditation that our common effort will help the very divisive world we now live in.  It may sound airy fairy to say that meditation helps by spreading a feeling of unity but if you came into the summer house where we meditate or if you came near to it or near to a person who is meditating, you might notice that everything around that meditation participates in the sweetness of that stillness.  Even the dogs know exactly how long to stay absolutely still.  So, multiply that microcosm of stillness by pools of it round the world and a reservoir of it in the centre of London at St Martin-in-the-Fields where people with different backgrounds to their meditation join together and you might really believe in the powerful transcendent reality which is always there but often ignored.
Neville Hodgkinson
Ian Mason, will be chairing the event

Of course, if you live in Australia or New Zealand or if you are in New York or Trinidad, Singapore or Jakarta, your timings are different BUT with the miracle of YouTube you can join us at EXACTLY the same time.  Just go to and click on the beautiful sparkly globe which is on the home page on November 23rd and you will be straight there.  You can hear beautiful unaccompanied Bach playing us in, you can hear 5 different people, the vicar, Richard Carter from St Martin-in-the-Fields, the Benedictine Monk, Father Laurence Freeman OSB,  the philosopher and barrister, Ian Mason, the author and journalist, Neville Hodgkinson and the first female Lama to be appointed in the UK to Samye Dzong Ling Tibetan Buddhist Centre, Lama Gelongma Zangmo.  They will all be speaking about the transcendent power of meditation.  You can check them all out beforehand by clicking on the names under the photographs.  
Lama Zangmo
If you can't join us while the day in London unfolds, you can listen and join in as soon as you can by going to You Tube or via the website.  And of course, I will be reminding you as the days go on.  I will also be telling you just why all these speakers are so very special and why I really hope that you will get to meet them and hear what they have to say.
So, what I hope you will do is to help me to spread the word about the day beforehand.

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