Friday, 28 October 2016

Those genes you have aren't just yours!

That face keeps coming back!
love of crisps
new forms meet old very old ones
three generations loving the 2 Ronnies
With everything, the new seems to replace the old but I begin to see that what it does is just reinvent the old, it takes the old, dusts it down and represents it in an acceptable way.  After all, nothing lasts any longer than it is meant to.  Take your skin, or certainly take mine, it certainly doesn't look like it did once upon a time!  My hair which was brown is grey and that is just a person.  Look around and nature is all of a change and so are the buildings round us.  Down come the old ones and up go the new.  Some old ones get renovated but everything and everybody has a measure of life.  Grandpa's face came from a long line of lookalikes!  And they go on....and on...  AND ON!Visiting family in their abroad homes shows the way that time creates children and parents, time itself pulls us along and doesn't allow too much looking back.  It moves us along, making new shapes on old patterns, giving new expressions to old DNA as well as making new buildings behind the old harbour.  Should we mind?  certainly not because although our bodies and some of our thinking is the past, we are also the future.  See how often this face has been handed out! 
Old skills continue to play out

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