Tuesday, 25 October 2016

No such place as heaven? is it a question or is it a statement?

She, in Singapore, just turned 7, says that there is no such place as heaven.  He, in Jakarta, just turned 7, asks if there is such a place as heaven.  Me, recently turned well up the 60's (and that says the Jakarta boy, is pretty close to 100!) is put to the test because I don't think you can get to heaven by any physical route.  No aeroplane will take you, no train, no bus and certainly not on your old feet and yet I don't think that this 60 to 100 year span of time here is the whole story.  So, Archie and Grace in your respective places, this is the best I can do to answer your question or refute your statement about heaven and what or where it is.

Grown ups say that someone has gone to heaven when they die and yet there is no evidence that they are somewhere real, so where are they?.  After all, they certainly haven't taken their bodies with them so what has gone and where might it be? 

new baby, old soul?
 I think you have to go back to thinking about where anyone came from even before a baby was in its mothers tummy.   That was just where it grew from a single cell to a very complex and defined individual looking a bit like Auntie so and so and a bit like Great Grandpa, with hair colour like Dad, and a mouth like Mum.  This baby which we are about to call by some very nice name like Albert or Albertine, Clement or Clementine is a beautifully blended small person which has various interesting things about it which we are going to call its character.  It may be sweet tempered or cross, serious or a joker, a saint or a sinner, perhaps it will be athletic or academic or neither, what is for sure is that it will have its marks and tendencies with which it has to make its way in the world.  Some of these babies will have very defined talents some people say they have done whatever they are good at before.  Some mathematicians are just way ahead of others, some piano players, some violinists, some artists or poets.  They arrive and get off to a head start in their own special field.  And it may not have anything to do with its parents or grandparents or other relations.  It may but it may not so where did it come from?  Why do we call some people old souls if they show a particular wisdom.  

Some very wise people who have studied these things say that the soul when it leaves a body goes to the place it has earned a right to be.  If it has been a good soul, it spends time with other good souls, if bad, with other bad ones;  a bit like being at either a very good party with kind friends or finding yourself in prison with some bad ones.  This could be called being in heaven or hell and doesn't seem to need a body.  Then after passing time in the place it is, they say that the time comes when it has to move on.  Each soul looks down and with all that it had learned and all that it still has about it, it chooses to be born in the very best place to continue developing its particular skill or talent but more important it gets a chance to meet the things which it needs to meet to make progress by perhaps righting some wrongs done the last time round.  These wise people say that one day, the soul may give up all its baggage and be free from being sent back and back to the world.  That pure soul will go straight back to its source which some call God and some call its Father and that soul will unite totally with its Father.  That pure soul doesn't have to return unless everything on earth is going particularly badly when it may come back just to help all the people who have forgotten that they have a Father both in heaven and above heaven whose nature is pure consciousness.

If that sounds too complicated, I'll read a bit more and try again when you ask me again.  One thing I am sure of is that nothing goes unnoticed and that goodness always goes to goodness.  And because your real nature is pure goodness absolutely nothing can possibly go wrong for you.

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