Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Meditating Grandpa takes on Times Journalist

Good old Grandpa
Grandpa, who meditates faithfully is a force to be reckoned with when he gets the wind behind him! You will remember that he and I went marching for the doctors not long ago with our banner flying. Never mind that he looked rather as if he should be on the countryside march! and our pink banner might have indicated we were supporting something pink, we really meant to give our support to those doctors before there aren't any left and all the good ones have gone to Bondi Beach.  Perhaps you may have heard about the not real doctors who get to work here by registering with suspicious agencies who supply what are meant to be bona fide doctors to the hospitals at huge public expense. Today, rising from his meditation seat and having walked the dogs, Grandpa reads his newspaper and finds that one of his favoured journalists, one Daniel Finkelstein, now Lord Finkelstein has written in today's Times which means he clearly doesn't have any doctors in his family.  So, Grandpa, now all fired up, picks up his i pad and fires off a response to Danny.  Danny replies which shows he is on the case but says he doesn't agree.  So, in order to get the message round, I am copying you what he wrote.  This is a good way into a great Grandpa's meditating mind.  It is a tour de force when it is fired up. I am going to teach him to tweet now so that more journalists and politicians get a bit of his wisdom. I am tweeting so can you, direct to him  This is what he said:
To Daniel Finkelstein at the Times

see Grandpa under the banner
stirring up trouble for Jeremy Hunt
The Department of Health has reserved the right to impose a contract if the Junior Doctors enter a negotiation but fail to agree. The first effort ended with the Junior Doctor thinking that some progress had been made, but soon found out that The Department just went back to square one. This is demoralising and sows the sort of mistrust that ruins any good will. This good will extends to working for the patients whether paid or not , because they are not clock watchers. Mr Hunt announced an 11% pay rise , a headline designed to mislead as it left out the reduction in what had been termed as unsocial hours .Junior Doctors like everybody else take on financial commitments finally tuned to the need for somewhere to live and transport to 
get to work at any hour and during training any where in a region. Also 5 years at medical school can leave substantial debt.

Your article will I'm sure generate a  violent response as indeed it should because of the lack of any study of the facts. No doubt your cronies in government prompted you to pick up the pen and one can see that it was easy copy created without much thought .
My wife and I went with 20000 other people mainly medics. We are both about 70 and have never demonstrated before. We were proud to be there.

Unfortunately Mr Hunt has been shown up as a foxy little twister with a towering ambition being built at the expense of a section of the NHS, least capable, because of their training schedule, to defend themselves . This is meat and drink for a trades Union like the BMA. A pity that Mr Hunt was not keel hauled by his father many years ago!

Good on you Grandpa and down with Danny boy today
Warning, we still have the banner Danny

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