Sunday, 15 November 2015

Buffeted by the news. Meditate

Battle between the Gods and the Giants.
We are shocked by the terrible outrage in Paris unless we are amongst the fanatics.  We are delighted at the results of the election in Burma if we are fans of Aung San Suu Kyi.  We love one thing and deplore another according to our own sense of self.  The battle between the good and bad goes on interminably, one day a good thing, another day a bad but somehow inside us we believe in the Good, we know when a thing is good or bad unless our judgment has been warped by some propaganda.  We have the power to judge these things and we also have the power to judge the good and bad things inside ourselves.  The reason is that we can see the way the good ideas and bad ideas crowd into our minds firing up a response, sometimes good and hopefully not too often bad.  Keeping your eye on the good things helps especially when there are events which we can't understand.  We have to cling together with family, look after our neighbours and praise good works that good people are doing all over the world.  The other thing is to find a space beyond the good and bad, to aim for the space beyond the words and actions and let that space help you make any changes that are needed.
Use your mind and heart and all your strength to go forward towards the source of goodness.  If you want to hear some remarkable people speaking about how to do this, check this newsletter out and on November 25th follow the links to hear them wherever you are.
Laura Hyde, David Horan, Valery Rees, Morning Event Live Stream:  St Martin in the Fields
Eve Poole, Jeremy Sinclair, Rosalind Wyatt, Emily Johnston. Evening Event Live Stream:  St James's Piccadilly

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