Friday, 25 August 2017

Grannies by the sea, a salty meditation

Do you see the weather coming in? The funny thing about it is that it seems as if there is someone out there making the clouds and sending them towards the grannies and grandpas at Felixstowe ferry.  You may think it is my imagination that there are more grannies there than elsewhere but Felixstowe ferry is right there in the world of what we simple minded grandparents want for our grandchildren.  There are of course parents there too but they tend to be the generation in between the grandparent and the grandchild and they have had the seed of East Anglian holidays with crabs and buckets and mud and beautiful brown sea planted in their hearts since they were children going to the same very unpretentious, smelling slightly of fish seaside spot.  Here there are cockles and winkles and fish and chips, old buckets full of crabs which allow themselves to be caught year after year, day after day, all for a little bit of bacon on a string.  It is our total joy and delight to watch the children pulling the crabs up, squeaking with a mixture of joy and fear of the waving claws.  At the end of the day, the crabs are all let back out again and race sideways to the water.  Some people put bets on which one will win.  Then there is ice cream to be had and cups of tea for the grannies and the taste of the day is all scooped up with the damp towels and like the crabs as the clouds roll in, we all turn round and move sideways with bags and buggies and children and go home to wherever we are staying.

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