Thursday, 15 October 2015

Rise from your Granny seat and see what you can do!

This is our banner
Grandpa preparing to go
 Come on all you friends and blog readers, this is the time to get into action not just to sit about meditating!  Think about the times you go to hospital when you really need help.  When your child or grandchild swallows a grape and chokes, when Grandpa manages to stick his fingers together with superglue, when you are suddenly doubled up with stomach pain, or can't breathe or worse, you have a stroke or you find yourself facing a life threatening diagnosis.  You really know then who you value, you really know which is the doctor who gives time, which is the doctor who isn't frightened to speak to you, who isn't frightened to make sure you get the best treatment, who will stick it out with you until you are treated. Now what are you going to do when that doctor has gone to Australia or has decided that in order to pay their mortgage they will change career.
So, what are you going to do about it?  You can get up to speed by reading the sent letter from the BMA Junior Doctors (click to download it) representative to Jeremy Hunt to see why they are stuck between a rock and a hard place.  You can sign the petition.  You can talk to your friends about it, they probably don't realise how close we are to losing doctors and our precious National Health.  And you can come and find Grandpa and I on Saturday at Waterloo Place just before 2.00 pm with our banner (6ft wide), our sandwiches and a few old friends and march with us and the good doctors to make the point that this is just not on.  You might even be on the telly!

Every age and family member needs doctors too!

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