Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Grannies marching and meditating

With all the blogging about junior doctors you may have thought that Grandpa and I have become activists and left our meditation seats behind.  Not a bit of it! we come out of meditation even more determined and Jeremy Hunt, we are going to be marching on Saturday hopefully with a lot of other determined Grannies and this is why!
Jeremy, when you talk about junior doctors you make them sound as if they are newly hatched pip squeaks not grown up practicing doctors who have studied for 5 years and many of whom have been working for up to and over 10 years after that.  Some of them are over 30 years old and their next stop is being a consultant.  You won't need reminding that the years between qualifying and becoming a consultant are mostly between the ages of 24 and 34 and during that time, many people are looking for a mate, finding a home, thinking about children and generally becoming useful citizens.  If you get your way, they can't guarantee being able to pay a mortgage, they can't easily take maternity leave so must leave having babies until they are about to become consultants.  Surely you want your consultants to be well on their way to having a house and a family and ready to really assist in running your health service not starting that household business then.
Now Grannies and others, get behind these doctors and show them that we really value the doctors and need them to stay in our NHS, come and join the BMA Junior Doctor march on Saturday at Waterloo Place near Westminster and then you'll see that those juniors aren't pipsqueak juniors, they are big hardworking, self-sacrificing people and they deserve to be negotiated with not shoved into a contract which doesn't benefit them or us.  Come ON, https://www.facebook.com/events/1695649857321169/ Grandpa and I we will be there with our banner, see above, bright pink and we'll look forward to seeing you.  I will have Lion Bars in my pocket to give you if you come. Let me know if you are coming by Facebook or by commenting on this blog.

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