Wednesday, 7 February 2018

Women, freedom and Claire, a woman worth watching

There have been some amazing women taking to the air to speak about what women's suffrage has allowed them to achieve in their lives.  In the world of science, of banking, of literature, of art, of the media, women are achieving marvellous things;  things that we older women perhaps only dreamed would happen.  This freedom to be who they could be was what we wanted for our daughters. But in our hearts we maybe had a fear that in achieving the great world goals, they might lose something.  But here is Claire who stepped out, found a teacher, discovered her own freedom and now offers it to anyone simply and in a straightforward way.  To hear Claire is to realise that  freedom for our daughters and granddaughters can be achieved  and helped by keeping the heart free of trouble.  This is something I hope my grand daughters will listen to....and yours.

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