Tuesday, 20 February 2018

Forgetting the birthday PRESENT

What a lot of parcels there are!

Oh Benji, Whoops, we forgot that today you were going to be all of 3 years old.  We  shouldn't have forgotten because your name is on the list on the back of the kitchen door.  There are 3 February birthdays in our family whose names are on that list and each one of you is presentless or more or less presentless.  I expect wherever each of you were when your birthday dawned, those kind people who were present presented their presents, those not present had a bit more difficulty getting their gift through to you.  One lot of birthday chocolates are currently still impounded in Indonesia or may have been eaten by the customs officers!  

We are a bit wary of sending things which may not reach the person with the birthday.  But being our sort of age, we seldom look at what date it is and consequently forgetting important dates happens.  We are building up a huge stack of presents here for the time when those who can,  come and collect them, some will be birthday, some will be Christmas but they will be telling you that we may forget the dates but we never forget the birthday boys and girls.   

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