Monday, 8 January 2018

There was a man who .....had a.....and found ....freedom at the end

Sister Jayanti speaks to us all
Listen to this story about a man who HAD to find his own freedom in what we would think of as the most awful circumstances.  It does flag up the importance of finding your own inner freedom, our own Luke Skywalker.  Sister Jayanti, in November kindly accepted the invitation to speak about Inner Freedom and this is how she did it.  She is telling a particular story of course but it is all our story, our true story, even if we haven't had to start listening to it yet.  While we are physically able, we may think we are free because we can stride around the world, see with our eyes and hear with our ears but if and when we are stopped in our tracks, when our legs won't carry us, our eyes can't focus and our outer ears aren't able to connect with what is apparently going on outside, then we might need to have some idea of the way inward.  Listen to this beautiful account of inner freedom from someone who lives it.  She is my sister and will be yours too if you accept her ever open invitation into the same close relationship shared by all who are striving for freedom.   She is Brahma Kumaris Sister Jayanti, a most lovely lovely person who I am honoured to introduce to you.

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