Tuesday, 30 January 2018

The appeal of a hula hoop

Grandpa hears his boys are coming home!  He says he is going out for a small shop but he is unstoppable, he comes back with more bags than one.  He comes back with 4 bulging bags, one has hula hoops in it.  I say, "Do we need more hula hoops?  We already have a cupboard full of them, left over from Christmas and maybe even some from the summer.  He says that the boys love them so we push them all together and just about get them into the cupboard before he undoes the other bags.  They are all full of his and their favourites; mussels for moules frites,  and right at the bottom of the bag, little packs of crab.  I say "but I have made fish pie and I have planned this and that for Saturday and Sunday but he looks so woebegone that I say ok, go on and lets have all those things, they love them  and hula hoops will be just fine.  Now, they have all gone home and I look at the hula hoop cupboard and there are plenty there for the next visit.  We are home now but they are travelling through the night all the miles back to their own homes. We are going to have eat a packet of hula hoops every night for the next six months so that we can fill it up again when they come home.  Come back soon we say.

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