Saturday, 15 July 2017

Meditating Grandpa takes to the zip wire

Grandpa about to take off

All the Grannies I know are worried about them not going out enough, spending too much time on their i pads or watching tv and not doing all the things we used to do in our childhoods.  I am among these worried Grannies and have had to resort to new methods of persuasion to entice one of them out of a virtual world and into nature.  
Ah ha you are thinking that I am talking about today's children isn't that right?  But I am talking about the Grandpas who can now live in their own virtual world where they might stay if it wasn't for some outside attraction.  Now emptying the bins isn't going to really do the business, nor feeding the hens.  Sometimes mowing the lawn does the trick and of course going out and meeting friends is good too but now there is the recently arrived zip wire!!! Once it was up and he had seen his grandsons going whizzing along, he put his hand out, grabbed it, sat on the round seat and whizzed over the hedge 60 metres to the end and then ricocheted back to the middle.  This will do the trick, this will keep him away from too much i pad time or am I fooling myself!

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