Tuesday, 18 July 2017

joined by one boy seeking meditation!

Good at egg collection too!
He says that of course meditation is much easier for children and I think he is right.  He is just 9 years old and has taken to joining me in the meditation place every time he knows I am there and as well as this he reminds me that I should have meditated, or rather just comes and says "Granny, have you  meditated yet?" in such a way that whatever else I think I might be doing, I realise immediately that meditation is what I should really be about.
Here is a link to a video of Father Laurence and children in Mexico.  It says it all really and makes me realise that we easily complicate the idea of meditation by trying to tell children who really manage to dive deep on their own without too much direction by giving them our own idea of directions. 
He says that it is easy to keep the meditation word in his mind and let the other thoughts go but he says that this is because he has that sort of mind  
For Sebastian, meditation is as normal as making peanut butter cookies with us and I am learning a lot from him about meditation and peanut butter cookie making.

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