Tuesday, 31 January 2017

out of the spaceship and home

Meditating with the teeny tiny one
All those weeks of spaceship life with monitors and tubes is just about over and one teeny tiny baby is now almost a normal size and coming home to a perfectly prepared baby room at her own home!  I know it is perfect because today, her mother and I shifted, sorted, hung pictures, jumped on cardboard boxes and generally made a haven for any baby forced out into the open rather early looking for a home.  And when I visited, she was handed over to  me, sleepy and perfect for whatever I wanted to do with her.  Her Mum didn't mind when I said that we wanted to meditate together so we did.  A bit unconventional, cosy, not sitting up straight but here is the best gift for both of us.  Me to meditate with her and her to have someone meditate with.  We will both probably forget it but let me say now that it is meditation that defines my life, it is meditation which has kept me steady in the face of difficulty, of uncertainty and of pain.  It has steadied me in the face of joy and although I would like this teeny one to have all the joy that life can offer, I would give her meditation to cope with the ups and downs which come with the life package.  Go Baby Bea, Go!  

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  1. Dear Liz, how beautifully put and what fantastic news. Anna x