Wednesday, 25 January 2017

cleaning up the grandchildren

All in age order and all cleaned up.
Looking out at the world
As the days get lighter, so the dust shows more! Nowhere does it show more than the shelf above the cooker where  bits and pieces of china collected from here and there live There are various cards which have been poked in between them and a couple of tiny Ganesha statues for blessing.  How could Ganesha do any blessing through the combined layer of rather greasy wooly dusty stuff which cover him so he gets a good wash too.  Behind these now clean bits of memorabilia are 9 of the grandchildren, painted by Tom, then copied and put into this great long frame.  They are in age order and the two newest and youngest haven't made it yet, Benji the crisp-eating Grandpa lookalike and Beatrice, recently allowed out of her space ship and into the arms of her mother and father first, then her godmothers and her two grannies.   The grandchildren in the picture get a good spring clean and I can see each one of them more clearly and although each of them is now at least 3 years older than when they were painted I think of each one, one by one.  As I wash their faces through the glass I send them the Ganesha blessing. He is the remover of the obstacles which fall across all our paths.  As Ganesha has also been cleaned, I feel sure that he will be in the mood to help them.  I add the two missing ones to the wish list and then head off to visit the now slightly less teeny tiny baby in her special baby unit and while I have her in my arms and no-one is listening, I sing a few remembered ancient prayers starting with the perfect prayer.  I sing her the prayer of the wise : May All be Happy, May All be without disease, May All creatures have well-being and none be in misery of any kind.   And then I say the Lord's Prayer and I'm sure she smiled! She knows that every granny wants the best for every one of her children and grandchildren even if she is a bit old-fashioned.  See below Beatrice and Benji, here is a good old-fashioned pastime, crabbing down at Ramsholt, you'll be there this summer too and Grandpa will tie the bait on the string to catch them.

Crabbing at Ramsholt Dock

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