Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Meditation Harry Potter style

The test for any person in meditation is to keep present and that is why a mantra may be given.  Meditation is also the daily test for the person meditating and today was testing, you can decide if meditation won or the mind!  The three issues circling round are physical, I am on a diet with no alcohol plus there are family issues which vex the mind plus I got properly shafted by a friend for whom I thought I had done rather a lot of favours. Those are the three, so half an hour twice a day gives a chance for freedom, the choice is whether or not to take it.  What I discovered today was that the incoming thoughts, rather like incoming texts or e mails were like bludgers in Quidditch (for the uninitiated, go to Harry Potter) and the mantra like the golden snitch.  No bludger knocked me off quite, but when one winged past, just in time I dodged, and dodged and dodged.  So, did I find pools of bliss or peace unlimited?  Not quite, but I did find that there was a space in the heart which just didn't move, and if I could stay there, not wishing for things to change, just watching the bludgers flying past, tuning in again and again to the mantra and what was behind it, the half hour went past without feeling like half an hour, it just disappeared and yes, there was refreshment.

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  1. Well done Mum. Mary would be proud of the Harry potter analogy and we are all proud that you dodged the bludger. xx