Thursday, 23 May 2013

I wanted to start blogging about meditation.  Not because I am good at it but because it is THE most interesting thing I do.  It is also sometimes the most difficult, especially when there are other things I would rather be doing.  I think this is because action is addictive and meditation is the antidote.   I meditate twice a day, (mostly) for half an hour at a time with a mantra given 35 years ago at a simple ceremony.
Now, as I said, it isn't always top of the list of things I want to do so I have to fit it in and that takes a bit of determination and discipline, mostly getting up a bit earlier and in the evening, meditating before I get into the business of evening relaxation.  And I wouldn't do this  for no good reason, so I must believe that 35 years of meditation have made a difference.
I will blog about the difference it has made and see if you think this is a convincing enough story to consider meditating too.

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