Saturday, 31 March 2018

Easter Message for Sophie,Lottie, Lala,Max, Sebastian,Grace, Willa,Archie,Isla, Benji and baby Bea

3 and 4
1 and 2

Number 6
The reason I write a blog is to put words in the great space which doesn't need a book or a letter, to leave you a feeling for what Easter might really be about and why it is so important.   Looking for meaning  is a sort of Easter Egg hunt where you you have to look for the sweet reward. Imagine two centuries ago what it must have been like if you thought you had got rid of the nuisance threatening your belief system, you had persuaded all the people to vote and shout for Jesus, an innocent man to be crucified just because he threatened to expose the false idea of human beings  being separate from God.  Imagine how those who thought they had disposed of his influence at the point of his death panicked when the power of his dying caused the veil of the temple to tear smack down the middle.  Imagine how they had to try and mend the great hole which had torn into their very identity as a good religious persons, leaders of a community.  Imagine too the panic they must have felt when  after the tearing of the veil, although they had employed security guards to keep people away from the place Jesus body had been put, when they had blocked up the tomb where his body was laid, they heard that, in the night, the security services hadn't even noticed when the huge stone had been rolled away and the body had somehow escaped from its bindings and left a heap of white cloths behind.  I bet those security guards got the sack!  
8 and 9
You may not hear so much of the story of Jesus as we did because somehow, the story and all that goes with it has been largely left to grannies and grandpas to preserve as best they can until more people need to hear it.  It is usually when  lives are under threat, when there is a war or we are ill or things have gone wrong that we look for someone to make sense of what we are apparently going through.  Jesus' story is both what he taught and what happened to him.  People interpret it differently and some people don't even think about interpreting it at all especially if they haven't even heard it.  Some people think it is a bit of history and no longer relevant. 
But what is relevant about it is this....2018 years ago which is a drop in the ocean of time, a teacher who knew What really was Truth was born, lived and was then killed (but then wasn't really killed, that's the thing) because he had told everyone who could hear it that God was in them and they were in God and that they wouldn't actually die. That message was what threw the switches of everyone who had said that God was elsewhere not everywhere.  He, Jesus showed that he could pick up his body at will and he did so to come back and tell the people who would listen that they were more spirit than body and  that spirit lives on even when the body doesn't.  Now that is the real message in the Easter Egg and that is the message worth finding out about even if you are now 16,13,10,9,8,6,5,3 or only just one year old.  I think you only really find it out when you have exhausted everything else!  So, if that happens, you will find that words like mine are floating about in the great space and they will always come to help you. Actually you may not need the words, you may find it just by yourself by becoming still.

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