Sunday, 31 December 2017

Henry wishes the New Year would bring a few changes

I live in a rather unremarkable cupboard in the house this blogger lives in.  I share it with random bits and pieces, a polisher, lots of electric bits, bulbs, batteries and wires and to be honest, it isn't a great place to spend a life.  I hear things going on and especially at this time of year because the Christmas Tree is right outside the door of my cupboard.  I heard Sebastian moving the parcels around, making sure that they were in the right piles for the right people, I heard him showing all the other children where their piles were.  I saw the lights on the Christmas tree coming on and going off and heard all the merry sounds of children opening presents BUT nothing happened for me, not during the whole of a  long Christmas Day.  Nobody needs a Henry on Christmas Day so nobody got me out at all, not even to watch the Queen's Christmas message.  In fact nobody thought about me until I was finally pulled out on Boxing Day to hoover up all the leftovers.   This was my moment, this was when  I decided to get myself noticed.  The way I did this was to refuse to go round corners.  She, the blogger is in a hurry so she really notices when I stick on the chest in the hall and she has to come back and call me.  I can tell she that she is finding my smile irritating but after a few tugs from her and a few more refusals from me, she comes back and looks at me with a new eye.  I can tell my actions have caught her attention and and that maybe she has realised that my life and particularly my diet aren't all that great.  After all, my meals over Christmas have been crumbs from the pudding mixed with little bits of paper from the crackers and dog hair!  I hate dog hair, it is so indigestible.  There isn't much that she can do about that but she knows that she needs me and has promised to put me in her blog which goes some way towards easing my feeling of neglect.  What I would like her to do on the blog is to create a movement to change my name.  Dave or Charlie would be better than having the same name as every other hoover which looks like me but in this new world of transgender possibility, I would really like to be reassigned and called Cecily.  Go blogger Go!  And Happy New Year to everyone!

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