Sunday, 5 November 2017


Do you think you are free?  I thought I was free, after all I'm not a client of  HM Prison Service.  I seem to be free to get up when I like, to choose what I will eat, what I will watch, what I will wear and who I will see and what I will say.  Isn't that meant to be freedom?    
Father Laurence Freeman
 But is it real freedom?  After all, mostly what you do and eat and watch and wear and who you see are all part of the identity of YOU the chooser and being the chooser you stamp your own sentence on almost everything.  Of course there is a freedom of sorts in this ability to choose what you do but it is worth watching what happens in your own heart and mind when things cross your chosen identity.  That is when you begin to see if and how you might be trapped in the web of your own creation.  
Sister Jayanti
Take your sense of being right about something, how do you feel when a person disagrees with you?
Take  having completed a task to your own satisfaction or performed what you thought was a good and kind action and nobody notices!  Are you a bit miffed? 
Take someone doing you what you consider to be a wrong, do you understand their point of view?
Take the feeling you get when you have been rejected or rebuffed?  
Are you ever jealous? 
All these things and other feelings knock on the door of our identity and quite often we just shut the door more tightly and shut these things out.  
Do we like these feelings?        NO      But nor do we like to feel threatened in our sense of ourselves.
Jeremy Sinclair
So, how do we start to dissolve the barriers to real freedom?  I am as interested as you because although I am not stuck in a physical prison, I know when I am imprisoned by my idea of me.  
I do know some remarkable people who have the key to freedom and here is an invitation to you to come and hear them and discover more about getting free.  They  will be sharing the sense of freedom which comes from discovering your identity as a universal being.  Come and join me and others on November 18th at Global Cooperation House in Willesden and you may find your own key to freedom is only a little way away, in fact it may just be in your inside pocket!
If you can't actually be with us, you can listen to them on the Brahma Kumaris website 

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