Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Memories of good times

We start off slowly, a cup of tea and then the three of us meditate together.  This is a different part of our lives, he is a bit weaker and we, the two women, one wife, one friend are keeping company together with him in this new way of passing the days.  We move so much more slowly than we used to, our children are all grown up now and the demands on our time are different so we can afford this time together.  He reads to us, a really beautiful voice, word by word and read with interest.  As he was my son's teacher, I am reminded of what a powerful thing a beautiful voice telling out the old stories is.  We nod and think about what he has read and then up there in the bedroom with the weather going on outside and the beginning of builders and their lorries arriving next door, we have breakfast together, toast, marmite, marmalade and coffee and we remember the days when breakfast on holiday was a manoeuvre of weetabix and toast and then what would we all do each day of the holiday.
Peter Pan, Wendy, one lost boy and one determined batman.  Where is Captain Hook?
She says that they have been looking at old photographs of our time together and here are some of the family dressed up for a Suffolk village fete, dressed up as Peter Pan and Wendy and the lost boys.  You can see the last boy wasn't about to be dressed up but wanted to be batman and not wear striped pyjamas.  There is one boy missing, he was Captain Hook and we will look out for his photograph too.  The photographs take us back to our aspirations for family, our own youth and the fun we had together and we think we look really old fashioned in  the photographs of us in Laura Ashley floral prints and with children under our arms.  Oh! We didn't realise then that we would be a part of the movement which is growing up and evolving.  We thought this would be forever.  It isn't but it has such a sweetness about it that posting a photograph of it may bring a smile to others who were around at the same time as well as Peter Pan, Wendy, the lost boy, batman and the missing Captain Hook.

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