Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Granny gets a chance to pass on something she values

The teeny tiny baby is big enough to come and stay with us.

The parents settle her in, they bath her (in the same bath of her great grandmother as well as the present day grandparents), they do baby massage, they feed her, they sing to her and they read her a story and THEN they give Granny the monitor and the now respectable sized baby goes to sleep in the room used by those other children and grandchildren who were here before her and which has been made ready for her first night 
The doting parents go out for a well-deserved treat to the local pub.  Granny has the monitor and here is her chance to see if a little meditation practiced in the room where she can hear her beloved grandchild will deliver the goods it promises.  A good sleep, a contented child and an appreciation of the stillness which lies behind everything and every being in the world.  30 minutes and counting...... no disturbance, no crying, no need to even move from the meditation seat; we enjoy deep peace together, she asleep, me meditating.  
Why is this so important to me and important to other meditating Grandmothers?  
It is important because we have seen the troubles which come and go in everybody's lives, we have seen success turn to failure just as failure may turn to success.  We have seen health and happiness disappear with age and illness and we want to give all those we love a way of dealing with all that life stuff in a peaceful way.  We hope that if the beloved grandchildren can find a peaceful way to meet whatever they have to meet, to meet gain and loss, to meet success and failure, to meet friend and foe with a degree of steadiness in themselves, it will make their passage along the way much easier.  And it will probably make them into very useful citizens as well.
So, give your Granny a chance to pass on whatever tried and tested methods for dealing with life in a way which she has found helpful.  She clearly only wants the best for you all.

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