Saturday, 19 November 2016

Can you meditate once you are In the Pipeline

Click and Connect
Once you are in the Pipeline, there is no going back.  Most of the time we don't realise we are in any pipeline, we think we are doing just what we want when we want to but when there is any event lying in the future, it suddenly becomes clear that we are being propelled towards it and turning back isn't an option.  So, here I am 5 days to Just this Day's central event in London with very little idea of how it will go and who will come, who will want sandwiches, where the microphone goes, will the speakers get there and what if one of them is ill.  As well as this, Just this Day in now in the St Martin-in-the-Fields Parish Pipeline, the weekly newsletter so they are clearly expecting US.  Then there are the things which can't be seen like the weather and other things totally out of my control.   I really hope that YOU, whoever you are and wherever you are will click on the sparkly globe on the right and connect with us at 9.30 am BST.  You will be joining Father Laurence Freeman, the other speakers and me in a meditation which he will lead us gently into.  This is the really really big test of faith for an organiser!!! To let go of organising during meditation and just stop.  If I can manage to stop my busy thinking mind then, it may hep you to stop too.  Go on, try it, it may be more well worth while than we know to connect our quiet true selves.  

St Martin-in-the-Fields beautiful interior where you can be wherever you are.

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