Tuesday, 16 August 2016

It is not the fault of the pants!

One of the ace moments of this holidays was when I was being closely observed by two small grandchildren as I got dressed in the morning.  One said, "Granny, those pants are too small for you!" and the other one agreed.  Of course, I blamed the pants and put the responsibility for the smallness of the smalls onto the pants as if they somehow had shrunk without asking permission.  Anyway, pants don't have minds, they just are pants.  These pants have lived with me for a long time, I am not minded to buy new ones very often so they aren't creatures of great beauty, they are just ordinary old marks and spencer pants, circa 2000.  But how can you blame pants for getting small when it is really rather clear that it is the Granny who has got larger! Just quietly and persistently larger in a few specific areas and the part of the Granny which the pants are meant to cover is amongst those larger parts of her. (actually ME!).

What plans do I have you may wonder to amend the situation?  Well, those grandchildren have gone back to their new abroad home and I have a little time to decide if I am going to move to the larger pants shelf or to the smaller Granny project.  I maintain that Grannies are meant to be quite well covered although I have seen some very glamorous slinky Grannies about.  The other thing is that there won't be any observers of my getting dressed for a while.  There will only be Grandpa to take any notice and I really don't think he minds either way.  Besides for which, some of his pants would fail the close inspection of a fashionista as well.

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