Saturday, 16 July 2016

Granny agrees with Annapoorna, Without me you're pants!

I bet you don't think of the world you live in being filled with another world??? The world of the great beings, the great Gods of mythology are all there even though we can't see them.  We can feel them though and when we think we are being successful or not or being in love or not or feeling jealous or resentful of full of kindness and good will, it is those great godly forces playing around.  You may or not have heard of Annapurna but she has the job of feeding the world.  She is the one who does the growing, the harvesting, the processing, the milk delivery, the fine fine art of the patissier is hers, the work of farmers and agronomists, of chemists and grocers, of wine merchants and jam makers all depends on her.  She does it without asking any return but there is a story which we should take to heart because it shows that if we aren't grateful, even if we don't know who is providing our good living, she can turn her back on us until we learn our manners.  This is the story.

In ancient Hindu tales, Annapurna is the consort of the Lord Shiva.  In a moment of what turned out to be foolishness, Shiva claimed that as the world is illusion, Annapurna's role was really not necessary.  In her female way, and don't you recognise this O women and friends of mine, she got the hump and said the equivalent of get your own dinner then Shiva!  She departed from the world and everything went badly wrong.  Crops failed, food disappeared, people starved and nobody was about to say that this was an illusion.  Shiva had to apologise in order for Annapurna to reappear and the abundance which is hers to reach our larders and fridges.   Can't you imagine the conversation in the heavenly realm when the apology was wrung out of Shiva!!! Now if Annapurna was anything like today's women which maybe she was or wasn't, she would have been muttering under her breath or even out loud.  "you, the all powerful creator of everything we see, would just be pants without me!"

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