Sunday, 27 September 2015

David Cameron, I am going to need all the help I can get!

That's YOU Dave, you have the power to change things!
Dear Dave,

You may think that because I wrote about Jeremy Corbyn suspecting he wouldn't really do the business as a leader of the country because of his record as a promise breaker that I was definitely going to be voting for you!  Now, I look and feel  like a natural conservative, being old and plus you look a bit like Grandpa.  But, if you don't take a bit more care with the people who are the National Health I might be off elsewhere.  You see, when you get old, even if you take care, your body becomes tiresome, it aches a bit, it hatches unexpected illnesses, it needs help and it will need and does need good medical help.  I am dead against (excuse the pun) early exiting just because the body is tiresome and maybe that I am tiresome to my relatives so I am going to need doctors.  In my family there is one and that one is married to another one and I can see how hard they work.  I know how long and costly their training was, how stressful their exams and more what an extraordinary service they render to people like me and to people who are really suffering.  You and Jeremy Hunt have really messed up with the new contracts you are offering them, those contracts mean that they are stuffed financially unless they leave and go to Australia or leave and take a job as a physician's assistant (which takes only two years to train for and can command a starting salary for a first job of more than those doctors).

So, what I and Grandpa are saying is that we thought that you KNEW about this, we thought that you had a real understanding of how important this is, we thought you could imagine yourself as that old person or that sick person and that you would know that we needed good doctors who not only could administer drugs and treatment but were able to exercise the loving kindness so important to those of us making our way towards a good end.

Two good old Grandpas deserving care
So, think again Dave, I don't mind about the Bullingdon stuff or anything else you may have ever done but oh yes, I do mind that my doctor daughter will have to put off having children, will have trouble paying a mortgage and will be so hacked off with doctoring that the natural loving kindness she brings to her job will be brought to a halt.

I am however optimistic that you and Jeremy have just made a silly mistake and you will be putting it right soon.  How about next week?

Love from someone else's Granny

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